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To do list

To make sure you are at your best on the big day, perfectly ready to deal with the crowds and mentally prepared to concentrate on your goal, there is nothing like a little “to do list”.

Here are five ESSENTIALS to stick on your list:


  • Trail de l'Archange: start on Saturday 25th May at 8.00am
  • Semi d'Avranches: start on Saturday 25th May at 10.00am
  • 10 km: start on Saturday 25th May at 10.00am
  • Marathon: start on Sunday 26th May at 8.30am
  • Duo-Marathon: start on Sunday 26th May at 8.30am

2. Prepare your medical certificate

Because you have registered for a competitive event, you must have a medical certificate.

You can upload your medical certificate to our dedicated platform on your time to account.

Participants registering after 24th April 2019 must present their medical certificates at a place indicated soon. It is not possible to upload certificates after this date.

Validity criteria for medical certificates

WARNING, your medical certificate must meet several criteria:

  • It must include the words ‘no contraindication to participating in competitive athletics’ or ‘no contraindication to participating in competitive running events’ or ‘no contraindication to participating in competitive sport’.
  • It must be dated within a year of your event, which will take place on 25th or 26th May 2019.

To avoid errors, we recommend you use the online template:

You are, however, exempt from providing a medical certificate if you fall within one of the following three categories:

  • You are a Fédération Française d'Athlétisme licensed runner.
  • You are a FSF, FSGT or UFOLEP licenced runner (the licence must include the word “athletics”).

3. Have you thought about insurance?

Of course, we only want you to have fun during the race, but sometimes unexpected things happen. We suggest that you think about any insurance that you might need to ensure that Run In Mont Saint-Michel by Harmonie Mutuelle 2019 is an excellent day.

This Personal Accident Insurance is offered by the organiser's insurer so that you are correctly covered during your participation in the Run In Mont Saint-Michel by Harmonie Mutuelle 2019

It is optional but is strongly recommended.

As you may know, the vast majority of your usual insurance policies (particularly your car insurance, insurance provided automatically through your bank cards, household insurance, bank loan insurance, etc.) totally exclude any participation in sports events either on an amateur or professional basis, and therefore exclude the risks involved in your taking part in the Run In Mont Saint-Michel by Harmonie Mutuelle.

It is therefore important that you check the extent of the cover provided by your normal insurance policies (and the exclusions) and, if you are not sufficiently covered or not covered at all, you should consider taking out the proposed insurance policies by clicking on the link below.

This insurance will cover you if you have an accident whilst taking part in the event, whether or not you were responsible and whether or not there is an identified responsible third party. You are only covered during the event from the time you cross the starting line until the time you cross the finishing line or you abandon the event.

In the event of an accident during your participation in the event, it covers:
• medical costs (within the limits that you have chosen),
• in the event of death or total or partial permanent disability (due to this accident): the payment of compensation (within the limits that you have chosen)

This cover Individual Accident is optional but highly recommended. It can be taken out in addition to any existing insurance you may already have or if you are not already covered. You may purchase the cover from the insurer of your choice, from your federation or from Aon, organizer’s broker, whose proposal (detailed notice and application form) can be consulted and downloaded by clicking on the link below. You can subscribe to the option providing the minimum cover for this offer during your registration for the event and other options by downloading the relevant form here and sending it directly to Aon (

We recommend that you take out Cancellation Insurance to guarantee that your registration fees for the Marathon du Mont Saint-Michel will be refunded if you need to cancel your participation, particularly due to events which are beyond your control:

• death, accident or serious illness (involving hospitalisation) of the insured participant,
• death, accident or serious illness (requiring hospitalisation) of a partner, child or parent, which takes place up to thirty days before the event,
• the insured participant or their partner being made redundant,
• serious material damage to their home.

This type of cover may be taken out with the insurance company of your choice or with Ouest Assurances, whose information can be consulted here.

General conditions

  • Cancellation Insurance Marathon: €8,90 (to be added to the registration fees and paid at the same time)
  • Cancellation Insurance Half marathon: €6,90 (to be added to the registration fees and paid at the same time)
  • Cancellation Insurance Trail: €9,90 (to be added to the registration fees and paid at the same time)

If chosen, this Ouest Assurance policy, which is reserved for members of the European Community, must be taken out when you register for the event (a single payment for both), by ticking the corresponding box on the form.

In the event of cancellation, this insurance will ensure your registration fees are refunded, with a 10% fixed deduction and excluding any complementary options.

Compensation conditions: no refunds for medical reasons may be made without a valid medical certificate.

Procedure for declaring an incident: all incidents must be reported to the insurer up to 15 days before the marathon and five days after it, i.e. between 11th May and 2nd June:

• either directly on the website: - Refund/Request for refund on line” section
– indicate the Mondial Assistance contract number 303966
– follow the five steps to get an accident file number and client code
– a receipt indicating the list of documents to be provided will be sent by return email

• or by telephone on +33 (0)1 42 99 03 95 (from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)
Outside this period, if the Insurer suffers material injury due to the late declaration, the Insured party loses all rights to a refund.

Depending on the reason for your cancellation, you should send the insurance company one of the following documents:
- for medical reasons: a medical certificate
- in the event of redundancy: a copy of the preliminary interview letter
- in the event of a death in the family: the death certificate
- in the event of serious material damage to the home: incident report from the home insurance company
- in the event of burglary: a copy of the complaint made to the police.

Regardless of the date of your declaration, you will be refunded within two months of the event.

You can follow the progress of your application on the insurance company’s website: “Consult your file” using the client code which you previously received.

Main exceptions: in particular, the policy excludes the refund of fees due to:
• an illness or accident which took place before registration,
• psychological or psychiatric problems, nervous and mental disorders, and their consequences,
• pregnancy beyond the 28th week,
• wilful misconduct of the insured party.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the entire insurance policy by reading the information provided by the insurance company.

General conditions

4. Consult the event rULEs

Rules for the Run In Mont Saint-Michel by Harmonie Mutuelle 2019 is available here: