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Trail de l’Archange


The Run In Mont-Saint-Michel by Harmonie Mutuelle takes place in an exceptional natural setting, offering both agricultural and maritime zones and fauna and flora conservation areas.

For us it was obvious to offer a race format which is as close as possible to this natural environment: running along next to the beach grass, near the shore, in the middle of the salt meadow lambs, along the See and Sélune estuaries, on the Pointe du Grouin Sud...a coastline with a wealth of resources.

The trail will cover 55km and will be situated on the Norman side of the Bay. The route is currently being created; it will take runners from Granville to the top of the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel.

This trail, which is of average technical difficulty and has few elevation gains and losses, is for all prepared runners who favour their running environment and magical landscapes.

The Archangel Michel, the golden statue which crowns the Abbey and is visible dozen of kilometres away, will be a focal point for runners. When they cross the finish line marked out at the top of the Abbey, they will celebrate their exceptional achievement.

The start will be in Granville and the finish will take participants right up in the heart of the Mont Saint-Michel.

The route is extremely diverse both in terms of terrain and elevation profile so there’s something to please all trail runners. Here’s what it looks like:

  • The first part (up to kilometre 14), follows an initial section along the Granville coast, before taking runners around the paths and tracks of St-Pair-sur-Mer & Kairon and up above the town of Julouville and its coastline. This first section is a series of regular climbs and descents that should be approached with care, given the number of kilometres that follow.
  • A second section (to kilometre 30) provides great views and plenty to get those legs going: after the 1st feeding station, runners follow the coastal path along the fabulous Carolles & Champeaux cliffs, with steep technical trails and a short incursion inland leading to the 2nd feeding station in Saint Jean-Le-Thomas. The runners then head along the beach to the 3rd feeding station in Genêts.
  • This is the start of a long section taking the trail runners along the Sentier du Littoral (coastal path), with breath-taking views of Mont-Saint-Michel, to the feeding station at Vains Racecourse. Runners then enjoy a refreshing crossing of the River Sée, followed a few kilometres further on by the River Sélune, at kilometre 45.
  • To finish off, runners head towards Mont-Saint-Michel across the salt meadows of the Bay, an opportunity for those who still have the leg power to break into a trot and see Mont Saint-Michel loom rapidly into view. The Archangel Michel, the golden statue which crowns the Abbey is visible and will be a focal point for runners. When they cross the finish line marked out at the top of the Abbey, they will celebrate their exceptional achievement.

In total, you’ll have to tackle 55km and more than 800m of elevation gains.


  • Date: Saturday 25th, May 2019
  • Distance: around 55km
  • Start time: 8.00am
  • Capicity max: 750 runners
  • Start Area: rue des Lycées - Granville
  • Finish Area: At the Mont Saint-Michel - Isle des Bas

The timing pad will be set up in front of the steps leading to the Abbey.

  • Important information: after you cross the timing pad, go up the steps to the Abbey. You will need to go through the security gates into the Abbey itself. This is part of the usual tourist access into the Abbey and there will be no specific access for runners.

Mandatory Equipment

  • At least 1 litre of water
  • A survival blanket
  • A mobile phone on which the organiser’s number has been saved
  • Your proof of identity

Your ID may be checked at any time during the race, and failure to produce it could incur penalties and/or disqualification.

Discover the 2019 route of the trail de l'Archange here!

  • All participants who register before 25th April and upload a valid medical certificate to our platform will receive their race numbers at their home address.
  • For all registrations after 25th April, you must collect your race number at the place (soon indicated)

At this point, you should also present your medical certificate and a proof of identity.

  • Time Slot: the time will be indicated soon

To park your car in Granville, 1 free of charge parkcar and close to the finish area is open near to the Centre Aquatique.

You can park your car near the Mont Saint-Michel where shuttles will allow you to join your departure.

Yes, shuttle buses will be available to provide transport on the day of the race.

You will need to buy a ticket (€12) that you can reserve either when you register or afterwards in your personal area on time to.

The shuttle buses will only take participants to the different race starts, it will not take them back after the race.

More details

We will make sure that you get all the sustenance you need to get across the finish line!

Refreshments will be organised every 10 km and the refreshment will be organised after the finish line at the Abbey of the Mont Saint-Michel. You can grab some water, dried fruit, fresh fruit and sugar.