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1. Choose your distance

4 races:

Races 2018 Prices (until 24th of april includes) 2018 Prices (since 25th of april)
Trail de l'Archange €69 €75
Marathon €59 €65

Races 2018 Prices (until 13th of may includes) 2018 Prices (since 14th of april)
Duo-Marathon €69 €79
Semi d'Avranches €30 €35

2. CHOOSE AN Option


Order now and a medal insert will be engraved with your name and your race finish time. 

A small plate will be engraved with your name and finish time. With a metallic colour similar to the medal one, it fits neatly into a recess on the back of your medal. You don’t need to send your medal away or wait for it to be engraved after the race as the plate will be engraved and sent to you, by Post. When it arrives, you simply peel off the self-adhesive backing and affix it to your medal. Your medal is then personalised and provides a lasting memento of your achievement!

Discount price in presale at €9,00, or €13 after the race.


Reserve from now on your option shuttle to benefit from the transport towards your line of depart.

Shuttles will assure(insure) the connections since the parking lot of the Mont Saint-Michel or since the "hippodrome de Moidrey" until your line respective allocates:

  • Cancale for the marathon runners and the 1ers relay runners of the duet
  • Cherrueix for the 2nd relay runners
  • Avranches for half marathon runners
  • Granville for trailers

The shuttle will only take participants to the different race starts, it will not take them back after the race.

3. Choose your starting area

Depending on your ability and your target time, you also need to choose your starting area. So it’s important to choose the right starting area to make sure you can maintain a steady pace which suits you.

Starting area10km de Saint-MaloSemi d’AvranchesDuoMarathonProof of performance
Elite (M) < 34' < 1hr 10 mins   < 2hrs 25 mins Yes
Elite (W) < 36' < 1hr 20 mins   < 2hrs 45 mins Yes
Preferential (M) < 38' < 1hr 25 mins   < 3hrs Yes
Preferential (F) < 40' <1hr 30 mins   < 3hrs Yes
Red < 43' Under 1hr 35 mins   Under 3hrs 15 mins Yes
Yellow 43' 1hr 35 mins   3hrs 15 mins No
Blue 47' 1hr 40 mins Under 3hrs 30 mins 3hrs 30 mins No
Purple 51' 1hr 45 mins   3 hrs 45 mins No
Green 54' 1hr 55 mins 4hrs 4hrs No
Grey 57' 2hrs   4hrs 15 mins No
Pink 1hr 2hrs 5 mins 4hrs and over 4hrs 30 mins and over No
Black > 1hr 5 mins

The first starting areas (elite, preferential and red) are only accessible upon presentation of proof of your performances. This is why you cannot sign up for them directly.

To save time, we invite the runners concerned to sign up in the yellow starting area and to send us their proof of performance immediately by email (reply to the email confirming your registration) to change your starting area.

4. Prepare your medical certificate


To avoid mistakes, we suggest you use the model certificate available online:

You are exempt from providing a medical certificate if you fall into one of the following three categories:

  • You hold a licence from the Fédération Française d'Athlétisme
  • You hold an FSCF, FSGT or UFOLEP licence (which must mention the word “athletics”)
  • You hold an FF Triathlon competition licence

In this case, come with a copy of your licence to collect your race number (please note: the licence must be valid on the day of the race).